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Huai'an Civil Affairs Departments Accelerate People's Livelihood Projects

This year, the civil affairs departments of Huai'an City undertake 8 provincial people's livelihood projects in 4 categories and one people's livelihood task, involving 6 major civil affairs fields, i.e. elderly services, children's protection, assistance and support, funeral services, rehabilitation of mental disorders and community services.

To be specific, the elderly-oriented renovation task for 2,300 households with aging difficulties is newly included in both provincial and municipal practical projects. 2,317 applications for the renovation have been received, and the subsidy funds of 3 million yuan to counties and districts have been coordinated throughout the city. Besides, there are 11 standardized elderly service centers in rural areas that need renovation, as well as 8 model workstations (care homes) for the protection of minors that need construction. And their site selection work has been all started. 16 urban and rural public welfare facilities for ashes interment will be newly constructed and expanded. 3 of them are nearing completion and the remaining is on schedule to speed up. 7 demonstration sites for community rehabilitation of mental disorders have been selected and submitted to the provincial civil affairs department. Accordingly, Qihang Community Rehabilitation Center for Mental Disorders will be established, relying on Huai'an Xin'an Hospital, so as to guide the city's community rehabilitation services in related fields. 20 community integrated service centers shall be renovated and upgraded throughout the year, 10 of which have been started so far. The tasks of giving "appliance kits" to 4,000 families in need and training 4,000 nursing home caregivers both have been carried out according to plan.