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Huai'an Promotes Ecological and Environmental Damage Compensation to Protect the Blue Sky and Clear Water

Since this year, Huai'an has been deeply promoting the practice of ecological and environmental damage compensation. It is hoped that the dilemma with "enterprises' pollution, the masses' damage and the government's bill" can be solved, and Huai'an's blue sky and clear water can be effectively protected.

Documents such as Reform Implementation Plan of the Compensation System for Ecological and Environmental Damage in Huai'an, and Working Procedures for Ecological and Environmental Damage Compensation, have clarified the scope, main bodies of responsibility and claim, settlement approaches and other content of the damage compensation.

Meanwhile, the city has established the case reporting system, comprehensive investigation of case clues, in-depth identification and assessment of ecological and environmental damage, compensation consultation, etc. The compensation fulfillment for ecological and environmental damages will be taken as an important reference for the judicial authorities in measuring punishment or administrative penalties.

For those who need to repair the damages, the compensation obligor shall make it by itself or entrust a third party. The city shall do a good job of process supervision and effect assessment, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of new environmental pollution and ecological damage. So far, more than 30 ecological damage compensation cases have been handled, with a compensation amount of over 3.8 million yuan.