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Huai'an Puts 300 AEDs in Public Places


September 11, 2021 is celebrated as the 22nd "World First Aid Day", and on the morning of September 9, Huai'an held a ceremony to launch automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) as a promotion activity for the Day. This month, 300 AEDs will be launched in 256 public places in the city to better protect the emergency security capacity in Huai'an public places and the lives of the masses.

Cardiac arrests mostly occur in crowded public places, and the quickest and most effective way to treat people in cardiac arrest is to use AEDs. In recent years, some cities in China have taken the lead in public places equipped with AEDs, and there have been many cases of successful resuscitation. For the next step, Huai'an Red Cross will set up a total of nine training sites such as the Red Cross itself, the Civil Defense Museum and the Red Cross emergency rescue training bases in each county (district), so as to provide emergency rescue training for the general public.