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Two Huai'an Cultural Heritage Sites Added to the Provincial Key Construction Projects

Recently, the "Protection Plan for the Grand Canal National Cultural Park Construction" was issued, according to which Jiangsu Province will focus on creating 10 core demonstration parks. The park construction projects of Banzha Relic and Qingkou Complex are listed among them.

Banzha Relic is a major archaeological discovery after the successful inscription of the Grand Canal project on the World Cultural Heritage List. The project gives a strong guarantee for the proper protection of the cultural relic, as well as a highlight for the city to explore and deepen the canal cultural connotation.

The Qingkou Complex is a relic site in water conservancy engineering, involving 53 cultural heritages of various types distributed within its 49 square kilometers. In 2014, the Grand Canal became a world cultural heritage, and the Qingkou Complex was listed as an important heritage site, one of the most technologically advanced hub projects over the Canal and the "Chinese Water Conservancy Engineering History Museum".