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Project Number and Total Investment of Huai'an Approved and Recorded Enterprises Both Increased from January to June

From January to June 2021, Huai'an approved and recorded a total of 1,309 enterprise investment projects, an increase of 197 year-on-year, in which about 215.96 billion yuan was invested, up 39.42%. Among them, there were 121 approved and 1188 recorded, with a total investment of about 80.65 billion yuan and 135.31 billion yuan, respectively.

To be specific, there were 102 projects in the primary industry, an increase of 6 compared with the same period last year. An investment of about 10.058 billion yuan was achieved, accounting for 5% of the total, but a decrease of 26.49% year-on-year; as for the secondary industry, 840 projects (82 projects added) were invested with about 150.419 billion yuan (69% of the total), up 83.86% from January to June last year; 367 projects in the tertiary industry (109 projects added) attracted a total investment of approximately 55.483 billion yuan (38% of the total), a decrease of 6.6%.