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Huai'an Revenue from Taxes and Fees Increased in the First Half of 2021

In the first half of 2021, Huai'an achieved a total of RMB 38.76-billion revenue from taxes and fees, including RMB 29.55-billion taxes and RMB 1.02-billion non-taxes, all of which achieved varying degrees of growth and reflected the overall good momentum of the city's economy.

During this period, the city achieved faster growth in both main taxes and ten local taxes. From a regional perspective, among all the eleven Huai'an districts, there are ten that raised their taxes, and in particular, the growth rate of eight areas such as Eco-cultural Tourism Area, Huaiyin District and Qingjiangpu District was relatively higher. The city's secondary and tertiary industries all saw an increase in tax revenue, with strong support from key tax sources. 30 enterprises above RMB 100 million size in the city also realized a year-on-year increase, and the overall growth of key tax enterprises was maintained at a faster pace.