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Huai'an Made Good Progress in the 1st Half of 2021 in Tackling Major and Mega Projects

From January to June 2021, according to the statistical dimensions of implementing "investment subject, business registration and project approval", Huai'an attracted 312 new projects above 100 million yuan, completing 62.4% of the annual target and exceeding the schedule by 12.4%, with a year-on-year increase of 66.84%.

In terms of investment scale, there were 278 projects from 100 million to 1 billion yuan (excl.), 30 projects from 1 to 5 billion yuan (excl.) and 4 industrial projects over 5 billion yuan, achieving 65.41%, 46.15% and 40% of the annual target respectively.

By industrial category, 198 industrial projects, 71 service projects and 43 agricultural projects accounted for 63.46%, 22.76% and 13.78% of the total number of Huai'an projects respectively.