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Huai'an Xiyou World of Adventure Opens to Public


Huai'an Xiyou World of Adventure opened to the public on July 10, attracting 15000 tourists to explore the "holy land of the West Region" and witness the opening of this Xiyou theme park.

Huai'an Xiyou World of Adventure is one of the pillar projects supported by the Huai'an Municipal Party committee and government for the transformation and upgrading of the cultural tourism industry and the construction of a well-known tourism destination in Huai'an. Based on the sixteenth-century novel "Journey to the West" by Wu Cheng'en, a famous Huai'an writer, this project was constructed by combing ancient myths, history, and modern spirit and technologies. This park is divided into nine areas according to the plot of the "Journey to the West", including the Four Great Regions, Mount Huaguoshan, the Gao Village, etc. Thirty-three rides in the park exhibit "Journey to the West" culture from various perspectives using the most advanced technologies in China like intelligent robots, special effect laser, holographic magic, and live interpretation.