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"Zhou Enlai in his Childhood" Premiered in Nanjing


On May 25, the film "Zhou Enlai in his Childhood" successfully premiered in Nanjing. The provincial and municipal leaders, including Zhang Aijun, Jiao Jianjun, Chen Zhichang, Xu Ning, Bu Yu, Zhou Binghe, and Xiao Yusheng, attended the premiere.

The film depicts Zhou Enlai's childhood in Huai'an from his birth to the age of 12, focusing mainly on his life, learning and transition of thought, which produced a great man of the times. It exhibits Zhou's enthusiasm for learning and open mind reflected in his daily life with the three females in his family, namely his biological mother, stepmother and wet nurse. The film also highlights Zhou's noble character and lofty ideals to save China and the people in his childhood.

The film is authorized by Zhou Enlai's relatives and will be released on June 1.