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2021 Forum for the Internationalization of Chinese Food (Huaiyang Cuisine) Held in Huai'an


On the morning of May 24, the 2021 Forum for the Internationalization of Chinese Food (Huaiyang Cuisine) was held in Huai'an, where nearly 100 food experts from home and abroad gathered to discuss the internationalization of Chinese food and the innovation of Huaiyang cuisine. On the afternoon of May 23, Mayor Chen Zhichang met with the guests who came from afar to renew their friendship and reach a consensus on working together to promote the innovative Huaiyang cuisine to the world.

The core topic of the Forum is "Promoting the High Quality Development of Huaiyang Cuisine Industry", and its main objective is to discuss the internationalization of Chinese food and the high quality development of Chinese catering industry, in the context of building a new development pattern of domestic and international dual cycle, and giving full play to the advantages of China's mega market and the potential of domestic demand. It is also hoped that this Forum can promote Huaiyang cuisine to the world, and help Huai'an to apply for the UNESCO "Creative City of Gastronomy".