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Huai'an Strengthens Dynamic Management of Children in Difficulty

Since this year, Huai'an has introduced social organizations to carry out regular visits to and surveys on children in difficulty, so as to strengthen their dynamic management and timely bring those eligible ones into protection. In the first quarter of 2021, RMB 14.631 million yuan in basic living expenses has been issued to 5,029 children living in difficulty.

Through information matching with the judicial departments, Huai'an Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau has screened out 17 minors with parents who are incarcerated or compulsorily isolated drug addicts in the city, as well as supervised all counties and districts to adopt household visits and telephone contacts to verify their actual situation. Moreover, it has promptly guided five eligible families to complete the declaration work so as to get all children in difficulty guaranteed. At the same time, its connection with Huai'an Municipal Finance Bureau has been strengthened to predict the standard raising rate of children in difficulty this year, taking into account the growth rate of the city's urban residents' income of the previous year, the actual number of its children in difficulty as well as its financial burden. The implementation of a natural increase mechanism for the basic living expenses of children in difficulty has been promoted as well in Huai'an.