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Huai'an Strives to Ensure Agricultural Products Security

Guided by the food security strategy, Huai'an government has put forward measures to guarantee the shopping basket program and food supply since the beginning of this year.

First, they strengthened supervision. The departments concerned made "The Plan of Supervision of and Spot Check on the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products 2021", covering 44 markets in ten counties, districts, and parks in Huai'an. According to the "grid supervision" of townships, they have conducted 412 spot checks and 12285 rapid detections of pesticide residues.

Second, they implemented detail management. They started the construction of the whole-process quality control technology system of agricultural products. Thirteen agricultural product production bases were awarded the title of CAQS-GAP pilot base by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. There are 258 types of green food within the validity period, and the application of nearly 60 products for green food brands has been made.

Third, they optimized agricultural technologies to guarantee the supply of farm products. For example, pig breeding technology has been optimized continuously. In the first two months of 2021, a total of 500000 pigs were sold, reaching the level of the same period in average years. Forty kinds of new agricultural varieties and technologies have been popularized, which effectively meet the food demand.