Huai'an China Life Living Tips Checklist

Don't forget 1. You must get a visa before coming to China; 2. ID card, birth certificate and driver license in case of emergency; 3. Cash. It's better for you to have some cash at hand. You can change RMB at exchange points in the airport. About 300 yuan (US37.50 dollars) is enough at first for a casual traveler; 4. Anti-diarrhea tablets, antibiotics and any specialty medicines from home are useful. You should also take along some basic medicines, such as painkillers; 5. Daily necessities. It's easy to buy things in China but when you first arrive, it may prove difficult. Bring shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and soap for your first week and then you should be able to buy them at various local stores. They have imported products suitable for expats, such as hair dye and cosmetics; 6. Clothes. It's not easy for tall or bigger boned Westerners to buy clothes in China, as the Chinese are typically far smaller; 7. Electricity adaptor. The most common plug types are the dual and three-pointed prongs, which are different from the West. China runs on 220 volts, which will burn 110-volt appliances; 8. A good travel guide is necessary. Not necessary, but very handy 1. Photocopies of important documents; 2. Several passport photos; 3. Your hotel's contact details in Chinese so you don't get lost; 4. Mp3 player. Drowns out the noisy hustle and bustle.