Huai'an China Life Shopping
Huaihai Plaza
Here is the most exciting part in Huai’an and be called as shopping paradise and leisure resorts by concentrating of the city's top shopping malls, supermarkets, the Mass Transit Mall, hotel, jewelry house etc. Everyday there are tens of thousands motor vehicles crossing here, and no fewer than 100,000 people shopping and sightseeing!
You can see all kinds of promotional activities and the various festivals of the major shopping malls with modern dance, folk dance, fashion show, make up performance, knowledge competitions, fun activities, children painting performances and children musical etc. The anniversary celebrations also often invited some celebrities. There are queues outside stores since some activities were held, like promotion activities.
Many large commercial enterprises have been aggregated in Huaihai Square, like Qingjiang Store, Central New Asian Department Stores, Times Extra, Supply and Marketing Building, Five-Star Appliances, Suning (Orient Plaza) Electric Appliances, and Five-Star Furniture Studio etc. Covering 1.57 hectares the Huaihai shopping plaza bid for the price of 3.64 million RMB per Mu is under construction, The proposed new Asian Plaza, spending 300 million Yuan will open in 2~3 years.