Huai'an China Life Shopping
Jiangsu Central Xinya Emporium
Since the company was founded in 1989, using "first-class shopping environment, first-class service, first-class quality merchandise and first-class brand" as their own progress and growth momentum, Xinya has attracted large numbers of consumers. Xinya will strive to appear in the front of Huai’an people in perfect posture by emancipating the mind and seeking truth innovation, having expanded the size of the operation several times, having adjustment operations in structure more than one time.  Just because maturity and honesty of Xinya Emporium, it won the reputation of "First Class in North Jiangsu, the best in Huai’an" since the day it was founded.
Xinya Emporium was awarded as the Honest Enterprise five times, Provincial Civilization Unit four times, "Labor Medal" approved by the People’s Government five times, and more than 100 honors in China, province and city. Xinya has become material and spiritual civilization units in Huai’an City.
The company spent 300 million Yuan, relying on abundant capital advantages of  China business listed companies in Nanjing on establishing a large modern comprehensive shopping plaza-- shopping mall (Xinya Plaza) integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment.