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Jiadeli Supermarket (Branch Store in Huai’an)


Shanghai Jiadeli was established in March, 1998, its registered capital reached 50 million yuan, it is a large-scale chain enterprise which based mainly on commercial retailing, and combines regular chain supermarket, interprovincial regular chain large scale supermarket and other operation means, and Shanghai Jiadeli now has 2 enterprises of whole capital and equity participation.
As a rising star of supermarket industry, operation team of the company makes great efforts to seize the pulse of development of supermarket industry, and take “medium business scale, and network layout in towns” as operating guidelines. Besides, the company constructs its modern enterprise management system by high technologies, starting point and investment. Its speed of business development occupies a leading position in supermarket industry in Shanghai. Its sales income and network point amount increase continuously, capital scale expands rapidly, and it obtains nice social benefit and economic benefit and wins recognition from the society and citizens.
In the new century, Shanghai Jiadeli takes “Pursue benefit through management and innovation, promote development by reform and venture” as its target, it will enhance its comprehensive competitive capacity and become a national brand. The company plans to own 200 major regular chain supermarkets with an area of over 1000 m2, 100 large scale supermarkets with an area of over 10,000 m2, its network layout will cover six provinces and one municipality in East China, and its total assets will reach 2 billion yuan, annual sales income will exceed 5 billion yuan.
Address: Huaihai South Road, Qingpu District, Huai’an, to the east of the road in the south of junction of Dongda Street and Huaihai South Road, and east of southern road of Huai’an Television and Broadcasting University.
Tel: 0517—3941819