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Times Extra Centre
The  supermarket chains was  invested by Hong Kong Zhoufeng Group Ltd, with a total investment capital of 40 million Yuan, the business area of 30,000 square meters, and had more than 20,000 varieties products, more than 1,000 staff.
Integration of the traditional fresh market, the low cost of storage supermarkets, department stores operates sea creations, department stores, and food as its main business and opens a new horizon in Huai’an business area.
Huai’an Times Extra Centre implements membership policies and regularly sends the commodity information to its members. The center often organizes special marketing and consumer feedback activities in order to ensure the lowest price to its members in Huai’an City. Only in the 2004 two anniversary ceremonies, it gave 45 million RMB back to its consumers. In addition, Members can get more benefit by using free buses provided by “Times”.
As one characteristic of Times, "fresh foods" products are all procured by headquarters from the product area, not from the wholesale market, which can ensure the quality of the vegetables, meat, fish and other fresh foods. The variety bread, cooked food and other food are product in the Center so that consumers can buy and eat foods with best quality.