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Lotus Supercenter
Lotus Supercenter is the biggest retail enterprise of the Thailand Chia Tai Group. The foundation of Lotus Supercenter aims to introduce the conception of advanced large retail shop to China. Its final aim is to improve people’s life quality. Their management concept is to supply high quality commodities of low price to the broad masses of customers everyday.
In China, the first shop founded in Shanghai in 1997. Until now, the Lotus Supercenter has successfully founded more than 50 shops in many cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Wuxi, Xuzhou and Huai’an etc. The total number of Lotus Supercenter shops in China is going to be 100 until 2006.
The Huai’an Lotus Supercenter was opened on Chengde Road in Dec.23, 2004.
Add: 222th Chengde Road North, Huai’an City