Huai'an China Life Shopping
Leyuan Street


Leyuan Street is located in Huaihai Square of municipal center --the golden triangle area of North Road of Huaihai, Fengdeng Road and Gongnong Road. Leyuan Street is 400 meters long, covers an area of 57000 square meters, whose total building area is more than 110000 square meters. It is a major commercial and residential block, involving shopping, leisure, entertainment and domestic life. Classic and fashionable shopping center makes you go shopping conveniently and quickly. Complete and various commodities and thoughtful and meticulous service make you feel infinite charming of supermarket environment closely; street of elaborating design of Xiangxieli Clothes which gathers clothes brands of middle and top levels and let you show your personal style; world's delicate Chinese flagship stores and western-style restaurants and coffees are collected in the supermarket, you can freely choose them; delicious Chinese-style food, Dikeni Children's Playground Center and entertainment center give your lives infinite fun.
      Leyuan Street is located in fastness and plays an important role in the city. Huaihai Square is adjacent to commercial center of Huai'an, Leyuan Street that owns diamond areas, has infinite commercial opportunities and gets unique advantages, which monopolizes all commercial opportunities in respect of real estate and investment. Its prospect is very bright. 
     Fashionable shopping—display Chinese and Foreign elaborate works and lead consumption trend.
     Chinese and Foreign clothes elaborate works; beauty cosmetics, shoes and hats, leather goods, leisure food, children's products, women's supplies, cultural goods and so on.
    World-famous foods—gather delicious food from all over the world
     Authentic Huaiyang-style cuisine, characteristic restaurants, style snacks and Chinese and Foreign fast food and so on around the world are gathered here.
     Leisure and entertainment—experience funny life and feel pleasure living.
     Tea bars, coffees, cosmetology and hair beautifying, book markets, theaters, dance halls, saunas, karaoke OK, a children's pleasure ground and computer games room and so on.
     Handicrafts and curios -- gather exquisite curios and taste rich culture
     Traditional handicrafts production, displaying and sales; traditional handicrafts, writing brush, ink, paper and ink stone, antique calligraphy and painting, travel souvenirs and so on from all around Jiangsu.