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NGS Supermarket in Huai’an of Jiangsu


General Company of Shanghai NGS Supermarket started at the end of 1994, according to orientation of market consumption and development direction of retailing industry in Shanghai, which insisted on agriculture-based management characteristic, livelihood-based management concept and people-oriented management principal to make all efforts to exert NGS group integration advantage of production and sales. Through implementation of "talents training" strategy, "assets conversion" strategy, "suburb exploring" strategy, NGS Supermarket was at a high starting point, on a large scale and in leaping development, 74 chain stores were developed within more than three years. Each store has more than 1500 square meters' business area on average and spread all over the country. NGS Supermarket's credit of "large scale, various categories, and cheap price" has an outstanding reputation in the hearts of citizens.
        Since more than three years ago, the number of staff of NGS Supermarket developed from 48 to 3400, operating commodity reached 1500 categories. Recently, sales amount, number of stores, business areas of General Company of Supermarket came out top among chain industries all over the municipality, 1 billion yuan sales amount was completed in 1997 and sales amount was planed to complete 2 billion yuan in 1998. The company owns advanced management and technology of chain supermarket and has a computer center, training center and a large-scale distribution centers, at meanwhile, it complements system management of Computer POS.
       At the end of the last century, NGS Supermarket would become one of the top 10 business groups in Shanghai with 150 stores and 5 billion yuan operating income annually. So the company stipulated a series of development and management plans, a modern and major supermarket will be the mainstay enterprise of Shanghai NGS Supermarket Group.
Address: NO.21, Huaibei Road, Huaiyin District, Huai'an, Jiangsu.
Tel: 0517-4938961