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Huai’an Qingjiang Store Shares Co., Ltd

Qingjiang Store is the earliest major shopping center in downtown; with five floors in its main building and 10 lifts, two of which for visiting, two of which for passenger and freight elevators. There is a Bicycle Parking with an area of 3,000 square meters, and a Car Parking with an area of 3,000 square meters in its north
In the first floor, there are a lot of industries in this Store, such as "McDonald's" restaurant, Daniang dumplings restaurant, Baoqing Jewelry Shop, Diamond House and Golden Sun mobile phone shops. The businesses of the store are gold jewelry, department stores, food, shoes and hats, in which gold jewelry business is the largest in the city. The catalog of the Second and third floors are the clothes and ornaments. The fourth floor is a supermarket of Golden Sun Appliance and the fifth floor is a supermarket of "Hong Tu San Bao", there are other business in the store such as bicycles, office supplies, children supplies, fitness equipment and books store.
The Company has opened more than 20 years and has been honored more than 40 awards like provincial honest unit, the provincial model store of no phony goods, advanced collectives in municipal sectors, enterprise with good reputation, and the quality commodities etc.