Huai'an China Life Medical Treatment
Huai’an No. 1 People’s Hospital
Huai’an No. 1 Hospital was established as early as 1950, and currently it’s the largest comprehensive Third Class Grade II hospital, Huai’An NO. 1 Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University and the international emergency aid center network hospital designated by the Ministry of Health.
The hospital covers the area of 115,800 Sq. meters, and a 15-layer yard building covering the area of 46,000 Sq meters has been newly established. Now it has 1285 staffs, 1200 ratified sickbeds, 500,000 annual clinic patients and 25,000 patients leave the hospital annually. It now possesses the linear accelerator, helix CT and other nearly 300 large-scale equipments with the respective value of over 10,000 Yuan and the total asset of 380 million Yuan. In addition, this hospital has three branches with sound operation.
In recent years, the hospital aims at establishing a fundamental modernized hospital, continuously strengthens the scientific management, adjusts the internal structure, consummates the infrastructure, arouses all the efforts to make the hospital prosperous and takes the leading role to implement the internal reform based on “Attending Doctor Responsible System” and actively explores the management mode of “probity, high-quality, high-efficiency and low-consumption”, and pushes forward the development and technical progress with talents.
The hospital has successively established the provincial key specialty blood department, three technical centers: Radiation And Immunity Center, Information Center and Clinic Inspection Center, seven municipal key specialized departments: Blood Department, Bone Surgery, Urination Surgery, Heart and Breast Surgery, Heart Internal Medicine, Incretion Department and Brain Surgery; and a large group of leading clinic subjects. It has totally 196 doctors and technical personnel with associate senior professor titles and it has successfully developed a large amount of the highly difficult technologies such as kidney transplant, marrow transplant, etc. At the same time, the hospital also actively implemented the development strategies of “relying on the great-scale medical institutions, relying on foreign medical units and relying on the universities”. It has established the friendly and cooperative relations with Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Korea University Medicine Center, Germany Leverkusen Hospital, etc to push the progress of the hospital’s integral technology and the nurturing of the high-level technical talents. In the recent 3 years, the hospital has won 53 scientific awards above the municipal level, including the third prize of the provincial scientific progress and has published totally 660 papers in the magazines above the provincial level. 
At the same time, the hospital adheres to the principle of “centering on the patients”, strengthens the service consciousness, shifts the service mode, upgrades the service quality and takes the leading role of “decision-making power to select the doctor” and “clinic chain” services. It pushes actively a serial of the management measures such as the “hospital affairs publicity” to promote the construction and development of the hospital’s Three Civilization. The hospital has continuously been awarded as the provincial and municipal “Civilized Unit” and been awarded as “National Advanced Sanitation Unit” twice and in 2001, it was awarded as “Jiangsu Ten Best Hospitals”, in 2002, “Jiangsu Service Quality Prize” and in 2003, the “Credit Unit” by the Provincial Consumer Association. Now the No. 1 Hospital staffs are advancing with hard efforts and striving towards a more brilliant future.
President & Secretary of the Party Committee: Zhengqian
Address: No.6, Beijing RD West, Huaiyin district, Huai’an city.
Post code: 223300
Tel: 0517-4922412