Huai'an China Life Medical Treatment
Huai’an No. 2 People’s Hospital
Huai’an No. 2 People’s Hospital is also named as Jiangsu Huai’An Kindness Hospital; it’s a national Class Three Grade II Hospital incorporating the medical research, education and prevention together, and it’s also the Huai’An Hospital affiliated to Xuzhou Medical College and the teaching hospital of Nanjing Medical University.
I. Basic situation: the predecessor of the hospital is the USA Church Hospital and Liang Huai Hospital. It covers the area of 55,260 Sq. meters; construction area of 85,776 Sq. meters; the medical occupancy of 52110 Sq. meters, among which the clinic service building Sq. 6300m; the surgery yard building 16,000 Sq.meters; the emergency treatment building with 15000 Sq. meters will be partially put into use in the early July; and the inner medicine yard building with 25000 Sq. meters will also break earth in October. It possesses the fixed asset of 110 million Yuan and equipped with helix CT, colorful TCD, Philips 1000mA X-Ray Machine, Tumor Radio-frequency Heat Therapy Machine, artificial kidney machine, multi-function metal monitor, vitro seismic wave stone breaker, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, etc, totally 227 sets (pieces) of advanced large-scale equipments and instruments with the respective value of over 10,000 Yuan. It has the average annual clinic patients of about 350,000 and the annual patients coming out of hospital of nearly 14,000. The medical range has radiated to the surrounding regions such as Suqian, Xuzhou, Yancheng, Lianyungang and Yanzhou, etc.
II. Department setting and personnel: the hospital sets 41 clinic specialized departments and medical and technical departments, 17 medical yards and ICU, CCU and RICU monitor yards. It has 600 sick beds, 965 working staff, among which 845 are sanitation technical staff, 115 staff with senior titles and 354 with intermediary titles.
III. Specialized department construction: the hospital’s Popular Surgery, Heart Surgery, Heart Inner Medicine, Breath Inner Medicine, Digestion Inner Medicine, Tumor Surgery, Bone Surgery and other departments all possess the fairly high social reputation. The hospital is quite strong in technical forces, in recent years; it has successfully made over 200 vitro circulation endocardial direct view operation, including the heart single valvular operation, double valvular replacement operation, atrium sinistrum myxoma ablation, tetralogy of fallot correction operation, coronary artery bridging operation, heart transplantation operation, kidney transplantation operation, cholecyst ablation under TV celioscope, coronary artery contrast, bracket installation, radio-frequency ablation, interposition radiation and other total 150 new technology and new items. It has also successfully held the First Clinic cardiovascular disease progress symposium in North Jiangsu area and the tumor radio-frequency heat flow meter clinic applied class.
IV. Two performances: in recent years, the hospital has developed out of the valley and marked the trend of accelerated development, however the patients’ expense maintains the lowest in the whole province. The revenue reached 70.69 million Yuan in 1998; 72.79 million Yuan in 1999, 80.37 million in 2000 and the expected revenue 88 million in 2001. The average hospital bill per patient is only 3600 Yuan, ranking the 30th in the 31 provincial Class Three comprehensive hospitals. The lowest expense fundamentally reduces the pressure of the patients’ burden. The whole hospital has always adhered to the principle of “provide the services to the patients whole-heartedly” and wins the patients’ satisfactory rate of above 95%.
 For the consecutive 14 years, it has been awarded as the provincial “Civilized Unit” and won twice the “National Sanitation Advanced Unit” offered by the State Ministry of Health, won and maintained the prize of “National Excellent Enterprise in Theory and Ideology” offered by State Information Ministry, State Organization Ministry, National Trade and Business Commission and All China Federation of Trade Unions and won the prizes as Jiangsu First “Ten Best Hospitals”, provincial “Advanced Unit in Sanitation Industry Ethos”, provincial “Medical Sanitation Model Unit”, “Price Reasonable Unit” and national “Citizen Reassurance Hospital” etc.