Huai'an China Life Medical Treatment
Huai’an No. 3 People’s Hospital
Huai’an No.3 People’s Hospital, with the former name as Huaiyin Psychoneurosis Prevention Hospital, was founded in the early 1970 in Suqian City and composed by 1/3 of the personnel and equipments of the former Nanjing Psychoneurosis Prevention Hospital. In 1983, it was renamed as Huaiyin No.3 People’s Hospital and moved to the new address of No. 272 Huaihai Road West, Huai’an in June 1986. Since its establishment, the hospital has become the authority institution for psychoneurosis diagnosis, treatment, recovery and judicial appraisal for both Huaiyin and Suqian cities. After the thirty years’ development, it now becomes a comprehensive hospital with rather complete diagnosis and treatment functions, strong technical forces and advanced equipments, which are led by the featured specialized departments and developed jointly with the respective department in an overall way. 
The hospital covers an area of 37,300 Sq. meters and its construction area is 23,400 Sq. meters. It provides 410 sick beds and offers serial medical services such as nerve inner medicine, nerve surgery, psychosis department, old age disease department, cerebrovascular surgery, medical psychology surgery, inner paediatric surgery, gynecological surgery and popular surgery, etc.
Now the hospital has 281 staff, over 90 of who belong to senior and middle-class professional ones, about 1/3 of the total staff in the hospital. It has set the Image Department, Clinical Laboratory, Function Department, Medicine Material Department and Community Medicine Department, etc. It now possesses the CT, TCD,whole-body colorful radiation wave, evoked poteintial, 18-direction electroencephalogram, video frequency electroencephalogram, full automatic bio-chemical analyzer, full automatic blood corpuscle counter, enzyme standard instrument, large-scale hyperbaric oxygen chamber, dynamic electrocardiogram and dynamic blood pressure, etc and other advanced medical equipments.
Psychosis Department is the No. 1 subject in the hospital. Now there are 3 chief physicians and 11 associate chief physicians, and we boast abundant clinic experiences in functional dysphrenia, organic mental disorders, neurosis and mental illness, etc. It is the authority institution to treat, recover, prevent and judicially justify the mental illness, and is the psychological consultation institution too. In recent years, it publishes many academic essays, three of which gained the municipal scientific achievement prizes.
The Cranial Vascular Disease Department is another featured one on the base of the Nerve Specialized Department. It adopts the carotid effusion, blood dilution and thrombolysis treatment to cure the cerebrovascular disease, coordinated with the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, He-Ne laser and serial recovery training, and the medical effects are proved to be very prominent with the efficiency rate of over 95%.
Old Age Disease Department is a kind of specialized one featured by the treatment on the old age disease which is evolved from the inner medicine basis. It aims at the features of the senior citizens, offering the non-accompaniment yard. By applying the comprehensive treatment means, it adopts the comprehensive treatment on the regular diseases of the old ages (mainly for the old people’s cardiovascular disease, diabetes) and saves over 10 patients with quite serious illness and all win the success. At the same time, it follows the social requirements to offer the old age care yard, which is the particular treatment institution with prominent characteristics.
With several years’ development, the medical technology and therapy means in inner medicine and paediatric surgery both get the obvious improvement. As the hospital is the exclusive municipal comprehensive one in the west of the city, it bears the treatment tasks for the regular inner medicine illness of the nearly 100,000 citizens and becomes the inevitable service institution in their daily life.
There are 2 associate chief physicians and 3 physicians-in-charge in surgery and it’s the exclusive surgery medical institution in the west of the city and bears the diagnosis and treatment of the regular surgery illness and the first aid tasks to the emergent accidents of the neighboring areas. The nerve surgery has newly introduced the computer aid to design the brain’s spatial direction operation system and help the mini-intrusion nerve surgery of the hospital make breakthrough and in the operation of the cerebral hemorrhage Parkinson's disease and falling sickness and psychosurgery, it also wins the sound effects.
The department of obstetrics and gynecology boasts strong technical strength on the diagnosis and treatment of the women’s common ailment and frequency encountered diseases and the infant health care and birth date operation, etc and provides the reliable medical services for the neighboring citizens.
The hospital also bears the teaching task of Huaiyin Health School’s partial nerve subjects and all the psychology subjects and has trained many specialized talents.
In the past decade, over 50 papers have been published on the magazines above the provincial level and over 10 persons have won the provincial and municipal scientific achievement prize.
In the industry ethos inspection and appraisal, the hospital has always been ranked the front role and won successively the “Jiangsu Advanced Unit of Health Ethos” in 1995, “Best Hospital” in 1996, “Ten Best Hospital” in 1997, “Jiangsu Civilized Unit” in 1999 and the first group of designated comprehensive hospital of Huai’an staff medical insurance in 2000.