Huai'an China Life Medical Treatment
Huai’an Maternity and Infant Health Institute
Huai’an Maternity and Infant Health Institute was founded in 1958, covering the area of 24601 Square meters with 200 beds and 376 staffs, among which 43 are senior medical and technical staffs, 161 are intermediate medical and technical staffs, which is the Class Two Grade I maternity and infant health care institute bearing the health care and medical services for Huai’an and the surrounding areas. It has been awarded by the Huai’an Health Bureau as the Municipal Maternity and Infant Health Care Information Center, Inheritance Disease Research Center, Maternity Association Guidance Center, Infant Serious Disease Care Center and Infant Disease Filtration Center. It’s within the first group to be the National Infant Care Hospital, Yangzhou University Medical Department Teaching Hospital, Municipal Medical Insurance Designated Hospital, City Pre-marriage Medical Inspection and Foreign-related Medical Check Designated Hospital.
The hospital sets ten grade I section offices: department of gynecology, maternity department, children's inner medicine department, children’s surgery, infant department, women health care department, children health care department, procreation health department, health education department and over 30 grade II specialized department and 7 sick yards.
The infant department and department of gynecology are the key ones in Huai’an, and the children’s surgery, galactophore department, children’s intelligence test, women and children psychological health and nutrition evaluation are all exclusive in the whole city. Recently the hospital introduces the Finland galactophore machine, USA Bear infant respirator, infant hyperbaric oxygen chamber, celioscope, hysteroscopy and other advanced diagnosis and treatment equipments. It carries out the pleasant childbearing, painless childbearing, painless abruption, infant touch, children learning difficulty and abnormal behaviors, infant and children asthma, totally 120 technologies, among which over 20 have won the municipal scientific improvement prize. The hospital also holds the newly-married school, pregnant woman school, children nursery school and the menopause school free of charge and provides the mass the whole-round procreation health knowledge and the highly-effective, high quality and safe medical health care technologies.
This hospital has for many years, won the prizes of provincial and municipal “Civilized Hospital” and “Huaiyin Civilized Hospital”. It has been awarded as the first and second “Huan’An Ten Best Hospitals” in 1998 and 2000; “Jiangsu Science Popularization Education Base” by the Provincial Education Commission, Science Commission, Science Association and “Jiangsu Excellent Women Group” and “Jiangsu Women Model Post” by the Provincial Women’s Association in 1998, “Jiangsu Civilized Unit” in 1999, “Huai’An Excellent Women Group” in 2000 and national “Women’s Civilized Model Post” in 2001.
President: Qian Zhenzhu   
The Secretary of the Party Committee: Xu Suhua
Tel: 0517-3964729