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Huai’an Jinrui Tumor Hospital
Huai’an Jinrui Tumor Hospital is located in the central area of the Development District. It enjoys the elegant environment and it’s renowned as a garden hospital. It neighbors the railway station in the east, the administrative committee of the development area in the west, national highway in the south and there are totally 7 bus-lines passing the hospital, which enjoys the quite convenient transportation.
Huai’an Jinrui Tumor Hospital is a kind of private shareholding hospital and it performs the president responsible system under the leadership of the board of directors. There are 500 staffs in the hospital, among which nearly 50 are chief physicians or associate chief physicians. The hospital covers the area of 54419 Sq. meters, the construction area of 30000 Sq. meters. It has 450 sick beds and is mainly famous for its tumor department.
1. The tumor department has six sick districts: tumor inner medicine department, tumor surgery, radiation and chemotherapy department, intervention radiation department, etc. The inner medicine department has one sick district: dominated by the cardiovascular inner medicine department, incretion department and digestion department. The surgery sets two sick districts: popular surgery and bone surgery. At the same time, it sets one high-rank sick district mainly to treat the old people’s illness. The above totals 10 sick districts.
2. The medical and technical section offices include the radiation section, CT room, straight line accelerator room, inspection section, pathology section, ultrasonic wave room, endoscope room, cardiogram room, lung function room and blood stream diagnosis room.
3. The outpatient services offers the tumor inner medicine, tumor surgery, radiation and chemotherapy department,intervention radiation department, heart inner medicine, digestion department, incretion department, Chinese medicine department, popular surgery, bone surgery, department of gynecology, children illness department, acupuncture physical therapy department, emergency treatment department, prevention and health care department, physical examination center, etc.
Currently the hospital has possessed many large-scale medical types of equipment such as medical beeline accelerator, Philips double layer helix CT, Shimadzu X-Ray machine, whole set of imported inspection equipments, electrical gastroscope, etc. The hospital has also recruited nationwide over 20 senior experts to provide the diagnosis suggestion regularly. The purposes of the hospital are: value the human, excellent services, patient paramount and uncorrupted services.
Address: No.2, Xiamen RD East, Huai’an Development District. (Bus 4,17,28,29,30,33,38 can reach there)
Consultation Tel: 0517-3718158, 3711470