Huai'an China Life Medical Treatment
Huai’an Central Blood Station
 Huai’an Central Blood Station was founded in February of 1983. Now the station is equipped with the Sanyo blood storage refrigerator, enzyme standard instrument, USA centrifuge, first aid blood carriage vehicle, purification room and other advanced equipment to firmly ensure the improvement of the blood quality. In addition, in order to save the blood source and solve the blood quality problems fundamentally, the station spreads the component blood transfusion to satisfy the supply of blood platelet, leukocyte, erythrocyte suspension, fresh frozen blood plasma and cold deposition, etc. In 1998, the component blood had taken up 44.5%. Since the promulgation of Blood Donation Law on October 1st last year, more and more persons join the group for volunteering blood donation and currently there are 1350 persons coming for the donation. Since the independent operation of the blood station, it has provided about 5 tons of the blood to the city and 2 tons to the outside cities annually. There are no significant accidents taking place, which won the uniform praise from the units that use the blood.
Address: No.6, Zhongjing RD.
Postcode: 223001
Tel: 0517-3650401