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Huai’an Chinese Medicine Hospital (Diabetes Hospital)
 Huai’an Chinese Medicine Hospital (Diabetes Hospital) is located in the west of the Shuidu Square in the city proper. It was founded in 1978 and it’s a comprehensive hospital combining the western and Chinese medicine together. It’s Huai’an anus and intestines disease diagnosis and treatment center, infant care hospital, Huai’an medical insurance designated hospital, Shanghai Incretion Research Institute Chinese and Western Medicine Incretion Metabolism Disease HuaiAn Clinic Diagnosis Treatment Center, the intern base of Nanjing Medical University and other universities and colleges and the medical, teaching and research center of Nanjing Chinese Medicine and Chinese-Western Medicine combination.
Advanced medical equipments: It possesses the Japanese W-450 whole body CT inspection instrument, large X-Ray machine, C-shape X-Ray machine, Japanese Model 7020 full automatic bio-chemical analyzer, Danish B-K2102 colorful ultrasonic wave machine, Japanese Aloka Model 1100 ultrasonic wave machine, USA Mindray 100A TCD, electric gastroscope, mental comprehensive analyzer, break stone treatment machine, full automatic blood corpuscle counter, enzyme standard instrument, electrolyte analyzer, PC gene expansion inspecting instrument, mental monitor, Chinese medicine suffocating machine, fallopian tube lens and totally over 120 sets of diagnosis and treatment equipment which are all possessing the value of above 10,000 Yuan.
Strong technical forces: it has three dynamic groups, Chinese medicine, western medicine, and the combination of both. It has the famous provincial and municipal Chinese doctors, leaders in respective departments, young experts, and many graduates; the clinic departments are complete such as inner medicine department, surgery, department of obstetrics and gynecology, department of pediatrics, emergency department, acupuncture department, massage department, bone department, anus and intestines department, department of ophthalmology, E.N.T department, department of stomatology, andriatrics, health care department, etc.
The specialized departments are as follows: diabetes, liver and gall, tumor, old-age sickness, angiosis, kidney illness, blood illness, asthma, rheumatism, nerve department, brain surgery, tumor surgery, uropoiesis surgery, breast surgery, sterility, galactophore illness, pelvic inflammation, prostate illness, social disease, deaf, insomnia and calculi, etc.
It’s our purpose to center on the patients. Huai’an Chinese Medicine Hospital is your friend and we warmly welcome your support and care of our hospital.
Address: No.3, Peach RD, Huai’an City
Post code: 223001
Tel: 0517-3766110, 3761947, 3762751