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Zhuqiao Soft-Shelled Turtle

  Turtle is also named soft-shelled turtle, which contains much protein, vitamin and aminophenol. The delicious taste of Turtle holds the tastes of chicken, beef, mutton, pork, and fish together. It is tidbit of the feast, compared with sea cucumber. Chuzhou is abounding in turtle and braising Soft-shelled Turtle is the traditional dish. Zhuqiao Soft-Shelled Turtle chooses big turtle, sea cucumber, sleeve-fish, winter bamboo shoots and others as its material. It is famous for dainty, spice, tender of its own. The stewed turtle is kept in the bowl shaping of turtles. This function of the dish is to recuperate health, ease the nerve, wipe off damp and prevent the limb from edema. Therefore, it is also named "offering health by the old turtle".
[Material] turtle 200g, champignon 20g, ham 22g, winter bamboo shoots 20g, scallion 10g, ginger 6g, salt 2g, cooking wine 5ml, soy sauce 3ml, gourmet powder 1g, sesame oil 5g, oil 40g
[Method of Cooking] 1. Kill the turtle and make it bloodletting. Burn it with hot water and then scrape the scarfskin. Cut the champignon into two if it is too big. And slice the winter bamboo shoots and ham; 2. Scrub the turtle with scallion, ginger, cooking wine and water. 3. Put oil in the pot, stir-fry scallion, ginger, garlic before stewing, and then pour the soy sauce before putting turtle and soup inside. Use big fire first to cast floating foam aside, and then change the fire into small one with champignon and bamboo shoot slices. Put the ham when the turtle is nearly cooked. Sprinkle gourmet powder after its shaping. Drip some sesame oil when the soup is sick and it can be put in the tray. The trait of its flavor is keeping the original and thick soup tasty.