Huai'an China Life Delicious Foods
Fied Cattails with Dried Shelled Shrimps

It is described as "You will recall the fresh taste of carp when eating tender cattails". The cattails, growing under the water, are the local product of Chuzhou. It smells delicate fragrance and appears whiteness, not stained of the dirty earth at all. A poem once was written, "What is fresh and tender? Bamboo shoots and cattails in Huai area are." It was recorded in County history that Han Shizhong and Liang Hongyu of South Song Period found the root of cattails was edible and fragrant, quenching thirst when they guarded Chuzhou to contend with Jin. Because of this, it can be called "the dish for repelling Jin". High-quality cattails, big shrimps, lard, thin-soup and etc. are used in fried cattails with dried shelled shrimps. They are laid in the long tray with shrimps which are as ponceau as commander in chief, and cattails which are as white as greenstone. The dish is like the female soldier in a line, opening their beautiful eyes. So it is also called "balas stands in a line". It tastes delicious, smooth and smells refreshing and aromatic. It was appraised of Chinese famous Cuisine by the State Trading Bureau in 2002. 
[Material] cattails, shrimps, lard, scallion, ginger, thin-soup, salt, gourmet powder, and wet starch
[Method of cooking] Select and clear the cattails. Sauté it in the oil with fried scallion, ginger, seasoning and thin-soup after boiling. Take the cattails out and cut them into segments. Mix them with shrimps and stew in the cage. Finally, pour wet starch on them.