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Nostalgia of Zhougong

This meatball, one of the famous Huai &Yang Cuisine, is combined side meat, soup bulb, soybean sprout, cooking wine, wet starch, egg white and etc. It contains rich protein, fat, and vitamin. The delicious taste of this dish lures the appetite and is loved by the Huai’an People. It is the essential fine dish for the folk feast. It was listed in the country feast in the China founding ceremony in 1949. From then on, its reputation becomes bigger. It is also called "Nostalgia of Zhougong" because Zhou Enlai liked this dish very much and eating it always recalled his nostalgia.
 [Material] side meat 800g, pork soup 100g, cabbage 1250g
 [Method of cooking] Cut the pork into granule, and add green onion, ginger, water, salt, cooking wine. Stir them with dried starch. At the same time, fry the cabbage into emerald with salt. Boil the pork soup and take a terrine of it. Pour the pork soup into it and boil it on the fire. Divide the stirred meat into several parts, and make the smooth meatball. Put it on the cabbage, with leaves on the top. Lid the pot cover and stew the meatball with weak fire in 2 hours after boiling.