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Huai’an Cherry Meat


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Huai’an Cherry Meat is a traditional Huai’an dish which imitates color, smell, taste and shape of cherry. It is widely known and is usually made during Spring Festival to present relatives and friends.
Raw materials: streaky pork, chestnut, gingko nut, Sautéed Dried Tofu, Shaoxing Wine, refined salt, sauce, white sugar, sodium glutamate, shallot, ginger and peanut oil;
Recipe: chip streaky pork into diced meat. Get rid of shell, coat and core from chestnut and gingko nut. Chip Sautéed Dried Tofu. Stir-fry shallot and ginger, put meat into and fry it, add in seasoning and water. After boil, stew it until 70% cooked, then add in ingredients and stew it, and collect soup concentrates.
Feature: the dish is like cherries, it is fragrant and mellow, sweet and a bit salty, and it has vivid color and lustre.