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Huai’an Dumplings

Huai’an Dumplings is the characteristic snack of Chuzhou. It is smooth and tasty. The wrappings of dumplings are as thin as the paper while the sliced filling doesn’t have dregs at all. Its delicious flavor makes it handed down up to now.
[Material] Flour, hind leg’s meat, winter bamboo shoot, chopped green onion, ginger juice, gravy, cooking wine, soy sauce, gourmet powder, salt, dried starch, pepper, sesame oil, cooked lard, edible alkaline
[Method of cooking] Mince the hid leg’s meat, add chopped winter bamboo shoot. Stir and mix them into dumpling fillings. Knead dough with flour and edible alkaline after robbing, pressing and slapping. Fill the dumpling wrappings with the stuffing. After boiled in hot water, fetch it out into the gravy with the seasoning. Finally, sprinkle some pepper and chopped green onion on the dumplings.