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Boli Mutton

  Braise the choiceness high-quality mutton of the local area-Boli, and season with local yam, ginger, garlic, pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine, etc. The flavor of it is unique and delicious. Moreover, it is not greasy at all. This dish is good for the stomach and kidney, making you healthy and strong when it is eaten in spring or summer. Also in autumn or winter, eating it can nourish the blood and keep the body always warm. Boli Mutton, which can be eaten in all the seasons, is liked by both the old and the young. When the emperor of Qing Period went to the South bank of Yangtze River, he also ate this dish. And the "sheep" is the homophony of the surname "Yang". Who is the most loved imperial concubine of the Qing Period emperor? So it is also named "Imperial concubine Mutton" for this anecdote.