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Wenlou Swelled Egg

  It was created by an old restaurant-Wenlou, which existed one century in Chuzhou, Huai’an. It processes the material of hen egg, pork fat, bread powder, chicken bree and etc. elaborately. The eighth year of Tongzhi Period (1870 A.D.), the owner of Wenlou, Chen Haixian created Wenlou Swelled Egg on the base of the experience of his ancestors. This dish appears golden and greasy but not agglomeration, puffy and fresh but not burnt. It is rich in protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin. And it is good for health, intelligence, and remembrance. In 1999, Wenlou Swelled Egg was granted for "Famous Dish of Jiangsu" by Provincial Trading Hall and Provincial Cuisine Association.
[Material] egg, pork fat, salt, gourmet powder, shrimps, scallion powder, steamed bread powder, chicken bree, and cooked lard
[Method of cooking] Stir the egg white, cut pork fat into granule, and dunk the steamed bread powder with chicken bree. Put them together with yolk and stir all with seasoning. Pour the egg liquid and fry the egg until it gets swelled. Cover the pot and stew for several minutes.