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Qinggong Meatball

  Meatball, also called lump, is the necessity of every feasts. Qinggong Meatball is the most famous one for it is selecting hind leg’s meat, egg white, pure cooking starch as its original material. Usually, there are two ways of cooking meatball, soup or frying. Qinggong Meatball has a history of several hundreds. It had already been described as "Round, round Qinggong Meatball is eaten from the front house to the bank. It tastes soft while seeming as hard as the iron." in a ballad of the end of Ming Period and early of Qing Period. This dish contains abundant nutrition of protein, calcium, phosphorus, ferrum, iodine, zincum, vitamin, and niacin which human body needs. Eating Qinggong Meatball can not only recuperate the body and spirit, but also get rid of disease and improve immunity.
[Material] Hind leg’s meat, chopped pork fat, green leaves vegetables, eggs, salt, scallion& ginger juice, gourmet powder, wet starch
[Method of cooking] Chop the hind leg’s meat with iron sheet. Stir it with chopped pork fat, adding seasoning and wet starch to make meat paste. Lay away for a few minutes, and then press the meat paste into the hot water until it is boiled. Place the meatball in the bowl after pouring green leaves vegetables, seasoning, etc.