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Pingqiao Bean Curd


  It is said that "softer than crisp can harden the teeth and sweeter than honey can lubricate the intestines." The Pingqiao Bean Curd is named from Pingqiao district of Chuzhou. There is an anecdote about it handing down. When in the seventh year of Qianlong Year of Qing Period (1742 A.D.), the emperor, Qianlong praised its dainty and granted it for "the most delicious food of China" after tasting while passing by old town Pingqiao for a rest during the period of going down to the south. This dish chooses the salted bean curd, produced in Pingqiao, and then fritters it as the jade pieces. It is braised with cooked diced meat, sliced chicken, dried shrimps, chicken soup and other raw materials elaborately. Not only this dish contains rich nutrition, such as protein, fatty acid, calcium, vitamin, but also it is fresh and tender. It is the treasure for benefiting the brain and keeping fit. Pingqiao Bean Curd is as smooth as bitty cream, and the sliced chicken is as delicate as wash silk. So "Xishi Bean Curd" is the other good name for it.
[Material]: tender bean curd 300g, sea cucumber 50g, cooked chicken breast 50g, agarics 25g, scallops 25g, chicken soup 200g, green onion 15g, ginger 10g, Shao cooking wine 20g, salt 10g, gourmet powder 3g, starch 25g, sesame oil 15g, scallion 15g, thin-soup 100g
[Method of cooking] Put the bean curd into the cold water, and boil it slightly to wipe the smelly yellow thick liquid off. Then load the shaped bean curd into hot chicken soup. Chicken breast, agarics, sea cucumber are all cut in slice as the bean curd. Wash the dried shrimps and dunk it in the warm water fully. Wash the scallops cleanly and remove the old tendon, and then put it into the bowl. Add green onion, ginger, cooking wine, and water and braise it with the cover. Heat the terrine, while adding oil, seasonings, thin-soup, and scallops liquor. Take the bean curd out into the pot, sprinkling the salt, cooked wine, gourmet powder with it. Wrap it with starch, drip sesame oil, and at last put it in the bowl with some scallion powder.