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Wenlou Steamed Dumplings

  It is the tradition snack of Chuzhou. The town, Wenlou, situated in the bank of Chu River, has always been the gathering place for the scholars. The Wenlou cooks altered the steamed meat bun with soup to the steamed dumplings controlled by the water. The wrapper of the dumpling seems transparent while with the fillings mixed of 20 materials, like crab powder, hen soup, diced meat, side pork, shrimps. It is known to all as soft and fragrant, and rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, vitamin and other nutrition. Moreover it is beneficial for the liver, kidney, accelerating the growth of the liver cell and circulating the blood. It was reported that the emperor of Qing Period praised it as "the most delicious dish in the world" after tasting it. A poem also described that "When in autumn, People strive for Wenlou Steamed Dumplings earnestly; the taste of its thin wrapping and delicious flavor makes the body comfortable." Wenlou Steamed Dumplings is endowed with "Chinese famous snack" by China Gastrological Association in 1997.
[Material] White flour, hen, side pork, crab powder, fresh pork skin, pork bone, scallion, ginger, caraway, pepper powder, salt, cooking wine, sugar, ginger oil, vinegar, edible alkaline, cooked lard
[Method of cooking] Cut the filling and soup material into dice after boiling them until the bones out. Mince the pork skin and put it into the soup. When it is stewed into thick soup, you can add the seasoning of diced chicken, meat, stir-fried crab powder. Stew it to the filling of the steamed dumplings and then frozen it. Rub, pick, roll repeatedly and wrap them before stewing. The last process is loading in the tray, seasoning with some chopped ginger, vinegar, and caraway.