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The Construction of Li Canal Cutural Corridor Project Promoted
The conference of the construction of Li Canal Cutural Corridor Project was held by the municipal government on May 8. The conference further unified thought, arranged specific tasks, strengthened measures and carried out the responsibility to speed up the construction of this key project. Cai Lixin, Mayor of Huai'an, Wang Weikai, Chairman of the CPPCC, Zhao Quan, Vice Mayor of Huai'an, and other city leaders attended the conference.
In 2017, the construction of Li Canal Cutural Corridor Project completed the investment of 1.374 billion yuan. The PPP project of China Water Transportation City, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan was signed smoothly. The construction of the entrance square of Water Transportation City, the exhibition center and the bus stations has been basically completed. The road projects including Yunlin Road and Queguan Road have been completed smoothly.In 2018, 41 subprojects are planned, with an investment of about 2.955 billion yuan, and the related projects are progressing in an orderly manner.