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Romanian Merchant to Invest in Ancient Town of Huai’an

Romanian merchant D. Tanasa visited Hexia Town in the Huai’an district of Huai’an city in Jiangsu province on setting up an enterprise in the town, according to Jiangsu media on Sept 6.

During his visit, D. Tanasa reached an agreement with the town on establishing a company with registered capital of 10 million US dollars for businesses including the leasing, maintenance and repair of equipment as well as the design and publication of advertisements.

With a history going back more than 2500 years, the ancient Hexia Town once featured 108 lanes and alleyways, 44 bridges, 102 gardens, 63 archways and 55 temples. In the periods of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 - 1911), the town boasted a lot of rich merchants’ luxury houses, and its gardens were comparable to those built in Jiangsu’s Yangzhou by salt merchants.