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Huai'an Expansion Project of Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Completed and Put into Operation

Recently, Huai'an expansion project of domestic waste incineration power generation was officially put into operation. Since the official launch on October 20, the project's environmental protection indicators are all beyond the national emission standards, bringing significant environmental and social benefits to the city.

The expansion project is invested by the eco-environmental service provider Grandblue Environment Co., Ltd., and constructed and operated by Grandblue (Huai'an) Solid Waste Treatment Co., Ltd., with a total investment of about 380 million yuan. A new grate furnace incineration line of 800 tons per day is built with advanced technology and relevant auxiliary systems. Compared with Phase I of circulating fluidized bed incinerators, its annual operation is increased by more than 1,000 hours, the comprehensive auxiliary power consumption rate is reduced from 20% to 13%, and the power generation capacity of waste per ton is increased from 296 kWh to 450 kWh, saving about 43,000 tons of coals every year. After its operation, the treatment of domestic waste is estimated to be 270,000 tons, the power generation capacity to be 132 million kWh, and the heating capacity to be 520,000 tons every year.