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High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Project by Avary Holding Launched in Huai'an

On the morning of July 3, the signing ceremony of Avary Holding's intelligent manufacturing project was held online between Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone and Avary Holding Group. Agreements were made on the production of high-end HDI and advanced SLP carriers.

Avary Holding has achieved a rapid development since its settlement in Huai'an, and greatly contributed to Taiwan-funded clusters as well as Huai'an economic and social development. Choosing Huai'an for its high-end intelligent manufacturing project during the epidemic outbreak also reflects the company's high recognition of Huai'an development environment as well as its visions of future strategic opportunities. In turn, the city will make every attempt to provide considerate help and 101% satisfied-service for the project, and promote its examination and approval so as to achieve early results.

As of June this year, Avary Holding has invested 6.8 billion in Huai'an. Its operating income in 2019 has achieved 9 billion. High-end HDI products now become the indispensable part of high-end electronic products, while SLP products are mainly used in high-end smart phones and mobile devices. In recent years, due to the popularity of intelligent terminals, the demand of these two has also increased significantly, bringing greater development opportunities to the industry. In order to grasp the market opportunities, Avary has planned to build an intelligent manufacturing base of high-end HDI and SLP carriers in the Development Zone with a total investment of 5 billion, in which intelligent manufacturing factories, water treatment centers, warehouses and other supporting facilities will be constructed. After the completion of the project, it will accelerate the integration of the new information-technology industry with intelligent equipment as well as other new technologies and industries, which is of great strategic significance for the formation of regional industry chains and the development of manufacturing clusters in new information & technology.