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Lin'an Logistics Project Launched in Huai'an by "Cloud Signing"

On June 19, the signing ceremony of Lin'an (Huai'an) Logistics Project was successfully held online, jointly introduced by the Organization Department of Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and Huai'an District. The project perfectly combines the features of the hub city as well as the industry leader, and fully embodies the strategic vision of Lin'an Logistics Group. It will also play an important role in promoting Huai'an regional transportation advantages, prospering its logistics industry and building a modern hub city.

Lin'an (Huai'an) Logistics Project has a total investment of 2 billion yuan, mainly including the center construction of third party logistics headquarters, maker incubation, logistics information trading, logistics finance, urban distribution, national less-than-carload express service, internet of things application, automobile AS service, e-commerce incubation, smart cold chain, online shopping and Lin'an online warehouse. After its completion, the two sides will strive to build an integrated service platform for the fourth party logistics, so as to further optimize the management mode of Huai'an Logistics Industrial Park, enhance the integration of logistics supply chain and strengthen the city's logistics industrial chain.