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ANDI Signed A Strategic Agreement with Lianyungang

Recently, Jiangsu ANDI Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lianyungang Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd., which makes this company the first municipal authorized dealer of BYD new energy commercial vehicles in Lianyungang.

Jiangsu ANDI Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. is a first-class subsidiary established by Huai'an Traffic Holding Co., Ltd., and also the general distributor of BYD new energy commercial vehicles and electric forklifts in Northern Jiangsu. This cooperation is a win-win exploration in vehicle sales based on the consensus of both parties on new energy vehicle product sales and market development and by giving full play to the resource advantages of both parties. This cooperation against the background of work and production resumption will stimulate the consumption of new energy vehicles, enhance the development of new energy industry, consolidate the state-owned enterprises, and boost ecological, green and high-quality leapfrog development of Huai'an.

In recent years, Huai'an has extended the comprehensive strategic cooperation with BYD in many areas such as rail transit, promotion of new energy vehicles, production of new energy special vehicles, sales of commercial vehicles, etc.