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Major Projects in Huai'an Steadily Promoted

Since the beginning of 2019, Huai'an has comprehensively implemented all the tasks of major projects in the key year, and has always strengthened the idea that projects shall be placed above all other tasks. This ensured the smooth progress of these projects. By the end of June, 220 major projects have completed an investment of 56.49 billion yuan.

The construction progress of newly started projects is relatively fast. All the 64 renewal projects have been restored, with a total investment of 23.61 billion yuan. Of all the 156 new projects, 127 have been started with an accumulated investment of 32.88 billion yuan. Projects in service industry completed most of its annual investment plan. The investment in agricultural projects, industrial projects, service projects, and infrastructure and social projects is 2.707, 24.28, 17.3 and 12.455 billion yuan, accounting for 54.12%, 40.98%, 57.9% and 52.42% of their annual plan respectively.