Huai'an China Investment Investment News
High-Quality Projects-Driven Development Shines through in Huai'an

Given the opportunity of "Jianghuai Eco-economic Zone, Huaihe Eco-economic Belt and Grand Canal Cultural Belt" and construction of the air cargo hub, Huai'an is planning and producing a batch of leading and supportive projects after careful consideration, highlighting the overlapping combination of "Huai'an's Opportunities" and "Huai'an's Advantages", with the focus on industrial development, infrastructure, social and people's livelihood, etc.

In 2018, a series of major projects was sorted out and launched in Huai'an, of which fifteen were included in provincial major projects investment plan, and ten were selected as provincial key investment projects in service industry. The investment by Central and Provincial Governments reached 655 million yuan, 490 million yuan of which came from central budget. At the beginning of 2019, Huai'an sorted out 220 major projects with the total investment of 478.07 billion yuan. The planned investment in 2019 is 122.33 billion yuan, and the average investment in implementable projects is 2.17 billion yuan. The major projects of Huai'an are being promoted in an all-round way.