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Huai'an Makes Strides in Key Projects

Huai'an has given priorities to the construction of major projects since 2018, listing the breakthroughs in core projects as one of the city's ten important things to do in 2019.

In response to the requirements for achieving high-quality growth, Huai'an worked out the development strategy of modern industrial system that can be summarized as "433", which means four major industries with competitive advantages, three unique service industries, and three featured agricultural industries.

Data showed Huai'an added 210 new projects each with an investment of over 100 million yuan in 2018, of which 30 projects exceeded the one billion yuan threshold. The city also launched 168 foreign-funded projects, including 73 projects each with an investment of over 30 million US dollars. The contractual amount and actual use of foreign fund reached 2.83 billion US dollars and 1.182 billion US dollars, respectively.

The city's 220 major projects completed a total investment of 135.706 billion yuan in 2018, 101.5 percent of the planned yearly investment amount.

The accelerated pace of development in Huai'an came from the excellent business environment and first-class project service from the local government. "At every stage of project development, local government officials are like the sales assistants in a store and always offering the fastest and most efficient service," said a manager from a local company.

"Project development is like in a hard battle.You cannot drive a nail into its right place in one go. Effective nailing requires repeated precision hammering," said Yao Xiaodong, secretary of the CPC Huai'an Committee. Progress in major projects can't be achieved without making great efforts.

In 2019, Huai'an will organize activities such as the ground-breaking ceremony of major projects and signing of new agreements at the same time. The city will place 30 mega projects, each with an investment of at least one billion yuan, under an assessment system to ensure the project's high quality. Huai'an will also kick off 150 new projects, each with an investment of over 100 million yuan, and complete 100 projects each with the equipment investment exceeding 10 million yuan.