Huai'an China Investment Development Zones
Chuzhou Economic Development Zone


     Chuzhou Economic Development Zone is located at the eastern side of old urban area, it was established in March, 2002, its planned area reaches 50 square kilometers, including about 12 square kilometers big area that has been developed, and it contains seven large functional areas. Chuzhou Economic Development Zone is located at the node of water and land hinge in Northern Jiangsu, so it owns very convenient transportation, 4 highways including Jing-Hu Highway join in the zone, a station of Xin-Chang Railway is set up in Chuzhou, and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Waterway of Huai River into the sea pass through the zone. 0.45 billion yuan has been invested for infrastructure construction, 110,000 v transformer station has been newly built. At present, 185 projects have been introduced, and 4.142 billion yuan investment of fixed assets has been accomplished, investments of 17 projects including straw power plant, Yibenma Vehicle Fitting, Meilun Elevator, Fangzhou Chemical Industry are over 100 million yuan. Encouraged investment fields include: electron, mechanism, agricultural byproducts finishing, large scale needle textile clothings, fine chemical industry and so on.
     Chuzhou Chemical Industry Concentration Area
     It is located at Jiqiao Town of Chuzhou District, its planned area is 90,000 square kilometers, and at present, 2200 mou lands have been used, its infrastructures including those of sewage disposal, industrial water supply, and solid waste treatment and so on are accomplished. Till now, it has owned 37 enterprises and a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan; it encourages investments of fine chemical industry projects mainly about water pollution.
     Suzui Industrial Concentration Area
     Its planned area is 2000 mou, of which 400 mou has been started during the 1st phase. “Five connections and one leveling” have been achieved, and timber processing and clothing processing are its characteristic industries.
     Jingkou Industrial Concentration Area
     Its planned area is 5000 mou, including 1000 mou developed during the 1st phase, there are 13 projects in all, and machine work, electronic processing, non-ferrous extended processing are its characteristic industries.
     Songji Industrial Concentration Area
     Its planned area is 600 mou, including 260 mou that has been developed, there are 33 enterprises in the area at present, and paper product packaging industry and timber processing are major industries.
     Chuzhou Salt Chemical Industrial Park
     Its planned area is 17.5 square kilometers, its started area is 4 square kilometers. Construction of infrastructures including effluent treatment plant, dock, 300,000 kw. generating set and so on are to be accomplished, projects including salt chemical and deep processing of its products are mainly developed.
     Zhuqiao Industrial Concentration Zone
     Its overall area is 1500 mou, started area is 500 mou, there are 14 enterprises at present. And electronic, machining, needle textile clothings and so on are mainly developed.