Huai'an China Investment Development Zones
Huai'an Export-oriented Agricultural Development Zone
Huai'an Export-oriented Agricultural Development Zone is one of eight provincial-leveled agricultural development zones which are fixed by the Jiangsu Province Government in October, 1995. It is located at south of Huai’an urban district, governing 5 villages and towns, and has a total area of 271.8 square kilometers with 12 square kilometers core area. The development zone practices the same management system with the Qingpu district, and enjoys special preferential policies formulated by the provincial government.
The development zone has the superior conditions and good investing environment. The amphibious transportation is convenient, since the Grand Canal, Ning-Lian Road, Jing-Hu high speed, Tong-San high speed, and Xinchang Railway all pass through it. What is more, the Uuniversity Zone which is at the first-class of northern Jiangsu is under construction.The biggest optical fiber communication project of the northern Jiangsu has already been completed. The total installed capacity volume of electric power supply reaches 650,000 kilowatts. The broadband networks cover the entire district.
The zone has many kinds of rich resources. The underground rock salt reserves occupie the first in the world, whose mining and use prospect is very broad. It has most Large-middle scale enterprises at municipal and provincial level in Huai’an. The industry has characteristics of processing and the exporting, and has already formed seven principal industries such as light industry, spinning and weaving, machinery, electron, food, chemical industry, building materials and so on. This area is also the important base of agricultural and subsidiary products planting. It plants each kind of vegetables and fruits for 8 thousand hectares, supplying to the urban district and the other around cities.
The development zone implements a brand-new operation mechanism. Its management procedures are simple, and it provides civilized, effective, and high quality service. It makes all efforts to create a good working and living environment for the domestic and foreign businessmen.
Address: No.177, South Huaihai Road
Telephone: 83515279, 83515220, 83515289 (fax)