Huai'an China Investment Development Zones
Qinghe Industry Zone
Qinghe Industry Zone is planed to be a total area of 2100 mu, and the first phase is 1080 mu. The existing available land is 260 mu. It devotes 27,000,000 Yuan in all for basic installations. There are 220KV--120,000 KW and 35KV--16,000 KW transformer substations around the zone, and the water pipelines which daily supplies 300,000 tons of water is connected to the zone. It takes medicine, electron, clothing, and mechanical industry as principal industries, and takes industries with high technology such as bio-engineering, energy conservation, and emerging material as developing direction. At present, there are 25 enterprises in the zone. It entirely returns the local retained part of income taxes that enterprises should pay in first five years, and returns half of the local retained part in following five years.